Thursday, February 16, 2017

Michael Klassen's Book, Hippie, Inc., and My Pal, Penny DeVries

Hippie, Inc.
As the love child of flower children in San Francisco, California, I have always had a strong connection to the hippies living in the 1960's in the Haight.

My pal, Penny Devries, was one such hippie, though she and I didn't meet until the 1990's. Penny has great stories about herself and the people she encountered while living in the Haight, then later in communes.

Not too long ago, she'd told me that Michael Klassen had reached out to her for her take on what it meant to be a part of that subculture.

In his new book, Hippie Inc., Klassen discusses the astonishing transformation that the subculture has had on businesses and the global economy over the last five decades.

Penny DeVries and me circa 1999.
Penny clearly had an effect on Klassen, as he opens Chapter 9 with this part of her conversation with him: "I was raised to be an object–the pretty girl. I was a homecoming queen, a cheerleader....And my mom's goal for me was to use my beauty to marry well. But after I left home, I just wanted nothing to do with that. I wanted something that would feed my soul. I didn't want to spend the rest of my life at the hair dresser and doing my nails...."

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