Monday, November 11, 2013

The Gorgeous Project

Los Angeles-based chanteuse, Camille Towe, recently brought to my attention The Gorgeous Project, which is a book project featuring some of today's hottest LGBTQ celebrity artists and performers, including Candis Cayne, Armen Ra, Leganja Estranja, Delta Work, Tammie Brown and Jimmy James.

Are You Gorgeous? by The Gorgeous Project

The Gorgeous Project is raising the money needed to complete the principal photography production of the book.

Armen Ra by The Gorgeous Project

The iconic portraits are by photographer, Rob Lebow, who has nearly a quarter century's worth of professional experience shooting commercial advertising and lifestyle portraiture. He has photographed campaigns for such clients as The Weinstein Company, 20th Century Fox Television and HBO.

Cake Moss by The Gorgeous Project

The book's creative director is Masha Kupets, both a fine artist and an award-winning commercial designer, who has worked with Bravo, HBO, FX and The Sundance Channel. She is the founder of Plastic PALMTREE, Inc. She also has extensive knowledge of book production and will supervise the design and printing process of the book.

Lebow and Kupets say their intention with The Gorgeous Project is to empower artists and audiences alike, questioning mainstream definitions of gender and standard visual expectations with every photograph.

Rob Lebow, Masha Kupets and Gang by The Gorgeous Project

The book's release is scheduled for early 2014 and will coincide with a gallery exhibition in Los Angeles. A portion of the proceeds from that event will benefit LGBTQ youth organizations.

I especially like that there are interviews accompanying the portraits of many of the artists and performers. I look forward to reading their personal stories while enjoying their gorgeous portraits.

Ernie Omega by The Gorgeous Project

To learn more about this project, connect with them on Facebook.

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