Thursday, July 4, 2013

"All-American Boy" by Steve Grand

Two days ago, Twitter was ablaze only hours after openly gay singer/songwriter Steve Grand loaded to YouTube his music video, "All-American Boy," an anthem to unrequited love in small-town America.

Lance Bass tweeted this:

Steve says on Facebook: "I wrote the song during a drunken piano jam session at a party. I recorded the vocals in my parents' basement and worked with my friend Max Steger to record and mix the rest of the instruments."

He created the video with director Jason Knade and enlisted his friends to play bonfire partygoers. The song isn't currently available on iTunes, but can be downloaded here. Steve, who has been called by many the first "openly gay out the gate" male Country singer, says he doesn't yet have a manager or label.

His audience has certainly found him.

I've been playing the video over and over today, as illegal fireworks boomed over San Francisco.

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