Friday, June 8, 2012

Detour to Tank Hill

In early May, 2012, I was walking home from the Haight, where I'd picked up lunch at Cole Valley Cafe. On a whim, I detoured to the top of Tank Hill, a city park nearly in the center of San Francisco.

I ate lunch there and used my iPhone to shoot this video.


  1. do you know whyits called tank hill.?

  2. Hello, ManzoMe!

    I didn't know why it has that name, so I went online and found an article in the San Francisco Chronicle about it. This is part of that article:

    "Rich in history, Tank Hill is named for the Clarendon Heights water tank built in 1894 to store drinking water pumped from Laguna Honda. After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, eucalyptus trees were planted around the tank to hide it from feared Japanese airplane attacks. When a larger, covered reservoir was built nearby, the tank became unnecessary, and in 1957 the city removed it. In 1977, a concerned community persuaded the city to buy the hill from private developers for $650,000 as part of the city's new Open Space Program."

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